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Below are 4 easy steps to sign up with PULSZ.

Step 1: Click on this button below.
Where it says REFERRED BY, type this exact code: 8apdu7
After you click the button below, a box will pop-up.
Enter in your information, below is an example for you!

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Step 2: You must use your real email address to join.

Step 3: Verify your identity with a Valid ID/Phone Bill.

This is called a KYC "Know Your Customer" Verification.
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Step 4: Once your fully verified, put at least $20 or more
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Click on "GET COINS" on the left side of the screen.

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New Update: Due to the overwhelming
my strategy cost has increased
to $250 on 4/10/2023

Send payments to my Cashapp Below:
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Must be 18 yrs or older! Not Available in the states of Montana, Michigan, Washington, Nevada or Idaho.

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