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Jeff - IA, USA

"This program is nothing like anything that you’ve seen before. After spending decades in this industry and seeing people quit as fast as they get in… A handful of Independent Business Owners (who have made millions in this industry) decided that we were sick and tired of working with companies and uplines that didn’t care about the common person so we setup our own system that fills in the void that 90% of the people getting into the Industry have. You are not just joining a program… you are joining a team of Individuals who are cooperatively working together to create a better life for their members."

Debbie - FL, USA

"After being in the Home-Based Business Industry for many years and never building anything that created a strong income, I was ready to leave the industry until I was introduced to the 90 minute work week system powered by iClub BIZ. This thing actually works! The 90 minute work week system has a pattern that produces signed up members for you. It’s the most unbelievable thing that I have ever seen! When you partner with this system you have access to a Professional Business Builder who’ll take their time, their money, their resources and their expertise to help you succeed."

Tony - NB, Canada

"As a team leader I take on the responsibility of finding that right opportunity that can offer the relevant tools and appropriately priced products needed by my team members. iClubBiz provides the right combination of People/Product/Pay Plan that I have been looking for. Our 90 Minute Work Week will give you everything you need... including a business that is ready to go right out of the box including a fast track to building it. I look to the future with excitement."

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Lori - Iowa, USA

"Coming from the corporate world, my attraction to Network Marketing was the residual income potential. But after spending years and thousands of dollars I had no residual income setup. So, I stopped doing Network Marketing and stayed focused on my corporate job until… I was introduced to the 90 minute work week system powered by iClub BIZ. I could see from the get-go that these guys had figured it out. They put together a system that produces signed up members for the people. They have it all. The right pattern, the right system, the right comp plan, the right product mix and the right people. I love it."

Joe - AZ, USA

"Since joining the Network Marketing industry over 20 years ago I’ve been looking for a company that had a proven SYSTEM where anyone could succeed with just a little effort; one where the owner understood the importance of a SYSTEM for everyone to follow. Many companies claim to have such a system but few deliver on that promise. Finally, there’s iClub BIZ with an owner who understands that it’s not about selling products. It’s about finding people who want to build a successful business using a SYSTEM where people follow a pattern of business behavior that creates success. No reason for failure here at iCB. The success SYSTEM is in place."

Texas co-op Hosted by Jeff Evers

“Hi, my name is Jeff Evers, I’m the Host for this co-op. You’re going to love this 90-minute work week system. You received an advertisement that linked you to this page… when you click the link below you’ll go to a page that covers all of the details… and if you have any questions… I’ll be the one who answers them… and when you join… I’ll assign a sponsor to you. So, I am helping my team members to build their team. When you join, I’ll help you too. Like I said… You’re going to love this 90-minute work week system!”

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