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Below are a few things that you'll want to do so you are ready when D.AI.SY goes live.

- Get Your TRON Wallet Setup
- If You Live In The US
- You Must Have a VPN
- Fund Your Wallet With TRX Coin
If you need help with the above areas you can watch a couple videos that we have towards the bottom of the page.

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Watch This Interview With Dr. Anna Becker Of Endotech

EndoTech Is A Financial Technology Company Founded By Dr. Anna Becker

- 20 Years Of Successful Fintech & AI Trading Systems
- Has Done Billions In AI Trading For Top Financial Institutions
- The 1st Technology Partner For Daisy Crowd Fund
- Global Company Headquartered In Israel
- Roadmap To Be Publicly Traded 4th Quarter Of 2021


Migration From Tron To USDT

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D.AI.SY Details
  • Decentralized AI System Being Developed By Endotech (https://endotech.io)
  • Disruptive Crowd Funding Model For Financial Technologies Smart Contract DeFi App On The Tron Blockchain, Not A Company
  • A Model Where Everyone Wins Profits, Equity And Income
  • Members Receive Exclusive Stock Equity And Profit Rewards
  • Daisy AI Is Endotech's Path To Becoming A Public Company
  • Daisy AI Is Next Generation Of AI Trading
  • 85% Of Trading Profits Are Rewarded Back To Daisy Members
  • Super Lucrative Referral Plan For Leaders And Builders
  • Incredible Passive Income Opportunity
  • Currently Crowd Funding The Daisy AI Project Tron Smart Contract
  • Smart Contract Technology Allows For Safe Interaction Between DAISY And It's Members
  • The TRON Blockchain Enables The Scaling Of Transaction Capacity And Has Low Transaction Fees..
  • All Smart Contract Transactions Are Transparent For Verification On The Blockchain

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This Video Will Show You How To Setup And Fund Your Tron Wallet

You can use any Tron Wallet you choose.
One of the most popular ones is TronLink.org
Click Here to link to TronLink.org

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This Video Will Show You How To Setup Your VPN

D.AI.SY is not available in the US Iran or Korea.
Click Here to Link to Windscribe.com

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