Strategies Of Success With The 2X2 Recycler

A Complete, Turn-Key, Dummy Proof, Strategic System For Creating "Your Own" Economic Relief to Get You Through These Volatile Economic Times!

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The Product:
Personal Empowerment • Credit Repair • Business Development

The Pay Plan:

Auto Pilot Recruiting System

The Auto Pilot Recruiting System (APRS) is a recruiting system that you can put to work the day you join our team. It will market the business for you, follow-up with prospects for you, work to recruit people into the business, and when they do, they will be placed beneath you. It works so well that we guarantee that at least 2 of the 6 Business Center positions required to fill your matrix will be filled through the purchase of one APRS recruiting unit! If those 2 also use the APRS then you just completed one 2x2 cycle, and the process can repeat itself, over & over & over. Imagine what would happen if you sponsored other people too!

Use Our Marketing System To Help You Sponsor More People

Our Marketing System
Does The Heavy Lifting For You!

Use Our Advertising CO-OP To Automate The Sponsoring Process

Say Goodbye To Prospecting
Our CO-OP Will Take Care Of Database Acquisition!

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When I received an email about a “done for you” system that could make me thousands per week, I figured it was worth the effort to check it out and I am glad I did. Their Auto Pilot Recruiting System got me my two right away and with the iWebaTool Marketing System, I was able to bring in new people at a drop of a hat. Give me a buzz if you have any questions.

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