Help Expand IoT Network Coverage
In Your City.

You Can Earn Rewards

Gregory Hill is now working with qualified Partners in your area to grow the LongFi Wireless network and support the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Earn Rewards by Setting Up a Hub

You earn rewards by providing what is called Proof of Coverage (PoC).
When you partner with Gregory Hill, we provide you with a hub that connects to your internet. That hub then syncs directly to other hubs in the network.
When those hubs share information with each other you receive a credit for providing the connection and data in your coverage area.

You're helping build the Internet of Things (IoT)

By setting up a device in your home or business, you are helping IoT smart devices connect and talk to each other.
Your hub helps these devices track, share data, and connect to the internet.

Smart Devices Your Hub Helps Connect And Share Data With

Set up is as easy as plugging in your WiFi.

If you're chosen as a partner for the new network, Gregory Hill will help guide you through setup and installation of your new hub with online support.
Installation includes only connecting your hub to your existing Wireless network and a power source.
Call to see if you qualify as a partner
We provide you setup instructions to connect your hub
Start connecting with other devices and supporting IoT.
The cost of powering a hub is only around $1 a month.

Your security is Paramount.

Each device is secured by a cryptographic hash over an anonymized decentralized network.
When you partner with Gregory Hill and we provide you with a hub that connects to your internet. That hub then syncs directly to other hubs on the network.
What that means is, your data is secure and no one has access to your WiFi.
The hub only sends data over your network with no access to your other devices, laptop, Tablet, cell phone.

Secure your hub today.

Hubs are limited only to available Coverage areas. If a hub has already claimed a territory then it is no longer available.
Claim your zone before someone else does.
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Claim your hub today and see how much you can earn.
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