you the most success.


Setup Your iWebaTool Account

Step 1: Whitelist Our Email Address (Email Deliverability)
This is a very important step that will help the delivery of emails to your prospects improve. Whitelisting an email address can be as simple as adding our email address <> to your address or contact book in your email account. It is also possible to add our domain <> to your safe-list.

Each email provider has a different way for white listing an email address. We have created a document that takes you though the process step-by-step in Gmail, Hotmail, Live and Yahoo as well as many other spam filters that are used third-party to an email provider.

By whitelisting our email address it will help improve the delivery of your emails to your prospects and our email delivery to you. Thank you for taking some time to set your iWebatool marketing system so that it can bring you the most success.

Step 2: Your Account Settings

We have created a video that will show you step-by-step how to fill in your account settings. Completing this step will be all that you need to use the iWebatool marketing system to start building your business.

There are more videos that will help you understand the various other components that are available to you for more advanced marketing.

Now, watch the video and if it gets ahead of you simply click on it to pause it so you can follow each step and set up your account correctly.

Congratulations!!! Your Capture Pages Are Ready.

Technically, you are all set and can start advertising your capture pages right now.

Here is your capture page link (copy & paste it anywhere) -->

Wanna Learn More Advanced Techniques?

If you have the energy and time I would like to encourage to keep reading so you can learn some ways to
get your link out there to people you don't know.

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