The 90 Minute Work Week!

Our System Does All Of The Work For You!


The 90 Minute Work Week provides you with a Pattern that sifts, sorts and starts people for you.


The 90 Minute Work Week provides you with a System that teaches your people for you.


The 90 Minute Work Week provides you manufacturer's formulator's and vendor's products that you can use to make money with.

With Our System You Don't Have To Talk To People Until After They're In!
The Days Of Wasting Your Time And Money Generating Leads Is Over! 
Finally, A Pain Free Way To Build Your Home Based Business!

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The Perfect  Comp Plan

We’ve put together a comp plan that awards people appropriately. It has the right balance of front side and back side money. It provides the new, unsure IBO with a pathway to success and at the same time it meets the financial needs of the top producer!

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7 Level Uni-Level

As an Active Member of iCB you can earn Cash Commissions on purchases that are made by all Customers/IBOs in your personal enrollment organization through 7 levels.

And yes, you are seeing this correctly... you only need 6 personally sponsored Active Customers/IBOs to max the 7 Level plan.

These commissions are compressed, so this could be huge!


Unlimited BINARY

As Members join, they’re placed in their sponsor’s Binary Team. Binary means that you will be placed in one of two legs (left or right) in your sponsor’s organization.

You will then be compensated based on successfully building two legs of your own.

Your sponsor (or anyone else in your upline) may also place Members in your organization. As your organization begins to grow, you are entitled to Team Commissions (Cycle Bonuses) based on the total BV (business volume) generated on your lesser volume leg.

BV is generated from the products and services that are purchased and sold by Members who have been placed in your team. All products are assigned a BV based on the profit margin of the product. Since we pay out a 40% Cash Commissions (7 Level uni-level) on all regular purchases and we also have a 70% matching bonus payout for the Team Building Bonus, we will allocate approximately 25% of the product purchase to BV on the regular priced products and 15% BV allocation on the Wholesale priced products.

As a Qualified IBO (An Active Member with at least $12.50 of personal purchases within the last 30 days and who has personally enrolled at least 2 Active Members and you have placed at least one of the Active Members in each of your binary teams), you will earn a $12.50 Cycle Bonus every time you accumulate 75 BV in your lesser leg and on every 75 BV thereafter.

For example, if you have 3,000 BV on your right leg and 1,500 on your left leg, your Cycle Bonus check will be $250 (20 Cycles x $12.50 = $250). The used sales volume is subtracted from both legs and the 1,500 unused BV will carry over to the next pay period and be paid as soon as you accumulate the minimum 75 BV on your lesser leg.

The max weekly Cycle Bonus Earnings to all IBOs are paid out based on the “IBO Rank” and personal purchases as shown in the illustration.


To further reward our IBO leaders, we have created the Team Match program. This program allows you to earn a percentage match on the Cycle Bonuses paid to the IBOs you personally sponsor, the IBOs they personally sponsor and so on…up to five generations of leaders (Producer Qualifiers) in your personal enrollment tree. As your Rank increases, so does the number of generations on which you can be paid a Team Match.

You may earn a Team Match not only on Producers and up found in each of your personal enrollment tree legs, but also on IBOs at the Qualified, Director and Builder Rank as well. A generation ends when a qualified leader (Producer and above) is found, regardless of the depth. The Team Match has unlimited width. Therefore, in order to maximize your income, you should strive to continue advancing to higher leadership levels as well as personally sponsoring more Members, thereby creating more personal enrollment tree legs on which you can earn a Team Matching Bonus.

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Since we are paying out a 70% match and since the Matching Bonuses are compressed, the Matching Bonuses could make you more money than any other part of the comp plan.!

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FAST START CASH is only available to iClub BIZ IBOs who use their iWebaTool Marketing System to recruit. You will earn a 40% FAST START CASH Bonus on all new IBOs that join you through one of your iWebaTool Marketing Pages and a 30% FAST START CASH bonus on all new consumers who join you through one of your iWebaTool Marketing Pages. (This 90 minute Work Week page is one of iWebaTool's pages.)

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Everyone Needs More Money!

...from the Millennials to the Boomers and everyone in between!

iClub BIZ has an opportunity that works for everyone, whether you’re a sales type person or not. When you couple our high-demand / high-impact products with our hybrid comp plan that awards everyone appropriately and a system that can provide you with a steady flow of new Consumers and Business Builders on Demand, you can see we have laid the foundation for massive, passive income.

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We  Pay In Real Time

Never wait to get paid!

The minute you earn a commission, it is deposited in your iCB eWallet. You can request a check anytime you want by clicking the Cash Withdrawal button or as soon as you have accumulated $200 in commissions, we'll send you a check automatically. If you do not have a US bank account, we can get you your money via PayPal.

This is the REAL DEAL! 

All of your income will come from the sale of our "World Class Products and Services" to IBOs and Consumers who join iClub Biz.

The bigger our team gets, the more buying power we’ll have which allows us to get more products at a better price… 
The result… Everyone WINS!

When you incorporate our 90 Minute Work Week System with our product line, you can’t help but to make money. The 90 Minute Work Week System will automatically send out emails to your prospects inviting them to purchase our products and services. You’ll earn 40% in FAST START CASH and get a 25% BV allocation on all of the new IBOs who join the program and you’ll get 30% in FAST START CASH and a 15% BV allocation on all of the new Consumers who join the program with a wholesale product pack. Plus, you’ll get paid monthly residuals on their purchases too. Both from the Uni-level and the binary.


Travel is an 8 Trillion dollar industry and our travel club is the #1 travel product in the United States!


Our Anti-aging product balances the immune system which helps the body stay healthy.

Healthy Coffee

Americans drink 155 billion cups of coffee every year. They might just as well drink a healthy one.

Weight Loss

With 70% of the US adults being overweight or obese, everyone knows someone who needs this is product.

Skin Care

You can look years younger within a few minutes with our skin tightening system that works for all ages.

Cleaning Product

Our cleaning solution is an amazing, non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaner that is bio-degradable.

Bookkeeping System

Our cloud-based Cash Flow Managment system can help you minimize your tax liability by keeping good records.

Marketing System

Every Network Marketer needs a good Contact Management System and our iWebaTool System is the best.

Multiple Income Streams Without Building Multiple Companies

With the 90 Minute Work Week System you can earn multiple streams of income without ever having to purchase the products yourself! 

So, you can have a coffee income stream without ever buying coffee. You can have a travel income stream without ever buying a travel product. You can have a weight-loss income stream without ever buying a weight-loss product. And the list just keeps going...

90 Minute Work Week SYSTEM!

90 Minute Work Week
60 Minutes Per Week
  • Acquire Leads/Traffic
  • Direct Leads/Traffic To Your iWebaTool Funnel
  • Let the iWT Funnel Sift, Sort And Start Your People 
  • Welcome New Members To The 90 Min Work Week Team
Join Now
90 Minute Work Week
30 Minutes Per Week
  • The System Will Teach You:
  • "What To Do"
  • "How To Do It"
  • "When To Do It"
  • "Why You Should Do It"             (This Is The Key One)
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90 Minute Work Week
The Game Changer
  • Automated Database Builder
  • iWT’s ADB has been called the game changer because it provides all of the tools and resources anyone and everyone needs to develop quality traffic and leads on demand. Check out iWT's co-op below for further proof.
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The iWebaTool co-op

How would you like to have a professional closer, converting traffic and closing leads for you?

The Secret  Weapon

The iWebaTool co-op was designed to help the new un-sure IBO get off to a good start. Our unique co-op rewards the closer for helping people get signups.   



  • After spending years in practice management, I stumbled across this program and for the little that it cost to join…, I joined right away and within a few short weeks my business was exploding. If I can do this, you can do it too!
  • The 90 Minute Work Week was an answer to my prayers. Covering multiple states in the competitive world of reproductive medicine, I didn’t have any extra time to do anything. By following their Pattern and plugging into their System I was able to make enough extra money to have a life. Thanks for putting this together!
  • If you have a stressful job that demands 50 to 60 hours per week…, I feel your pain. The 90 Minute Work Week Pattern and System has allowed my husband Bill and I to travel like we always dreamed of doing. If you want to be able to retire early and enjoy your life, you need to give this a shot!



Medical Sales Calafornia


Human Resource Iowa


iClub BIZ has been a work in progress since 2002.

Our Partners and Customers are the reason we do what we do. We believe in Entrepreneurship. We believe in Community. We believe in keeping things Simple. We strive to be Innovative. And, we stand for Quality. We do not settle in Service, and we let Results speak for themselves. We believe everyone should feel a part of something much bigger than themselves.

The iClub Biz story began over ten years ago with the idea of how to leverage the internet and create a group of people with massive buying power providing the best products and services for the best prices.

Fast forward, and we have perfected the platform and created multiple companies, partnerships, and offerings.

In 2007, we launched a member benefit company, a nutraceutical company in 2009, and a travel company in 2010.

We recognized the power of bringing the various companies and partnerships under the iClub BIZ platform; a distribution network instead of a product based network. Our goal is to continue to expand our product offerings to include a variety of consumable products and services that make sense and fit within our business platform.

Creating a streamlined system has allowed us to faithfully serve our customers and Independent Business Owners for the past ten plus years consistently fulfilling products and paying bonus checks. Our distribution center and corporate offices are based in Iowa.

We invite you to learn more about iClub BIZ and join our Unique Cooperative Distribution System & Business Building Network.




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Marketing Director


Marketing Director

The 90 Minute Work Week!

If you can find 30 minutes 3 days per week you can "Own Your Life"!